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Investors: Penniloop 2019

We are a profitable small business with no debt, complete development equity, and a working product. We need help to grow and get Penniloop thriving in every country. In return, we offer profit sharing, management and board positions, as well as broad advertising for partners.

Portion of Sales

Receive a portion of sales, both in host countries and aggregte sales. Options for equitable working capital are available. Contact us for locations and equity management positions outside the United States.

Front-Facing Advertising to Key Markets

Penniloop topics and agressive dedicaton to give-back programs can help investors with a positive community connection. Location and topic sponsorships are available for time and profit durations. Read more in sponsor FAQ, or contact us. Volunteer and give-back public relations history can be found on our about page.

Diversity in Opportunity

Penniloop topics cover a wide range and can be adjusted to fit cultural and economic needs in each location. By using local, social experiences we can diversify investments.

Diversified Currencies

Focusing on growing middle-class currency markets (such as India) allows us to get more positive results for lower costs. Spending in low-cost, high-return regions help us reach our goals.

Diverse Markets

Because our product is fluid and flexible we can adjust topics and investment accordingly. We are are inclusive of nearly every social and economic topic. As trends shift, our platform automatically represents current social focus.

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For Investors

Penniloop Funding 2019 is our target for raising funds for growth.

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Our market covers nearly every commercial, social and organic interest.

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We are active in volunteering and doing our part in community leadership.

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We invest in long-term solutions that keep costs low for users while promoting growth for the Penniloop company.

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Penniloop is currently active in the United States with Canada, Philippines, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, and England arriving this year.

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Read more about how our give-back programs in have been used in action.

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