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The Penniloop Team: We test, check, and monitor the site. Thanks for joining us here! Email us if you have any questions or want to signup. Visit to email us here.

Sacramento | CA. 95630
Free Posting Through February

B Are you a pediatrician? Post your services here! #medicine #healthcare #moms

Kids Health-interest
Service Sacramento | CA
Countdown to Christmas

B Join our Countdown to Christmas! We will share on social media people or businesses who are active in helping communities. Help reward those who care!

Other Community
Event Sacramento | CA
Socks For seniors

B If you are a business, try offering a BOGO sock option for seniors. #warmth #community

Handmade-category Seniors
Item Sacramento | CA
Free Posting Coupons!

B Free posts in 2017 for women in IT technical fields. Use coupon: "tech-femme" on check out. #stem #freelance

Womens Equality
Offer Sacramento | CA
Free Posts through March!

B If you make eco-friendly sports items post here

Sports-outdoors Environment
Sponsor Sacramento | CA
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  • Seniors
  • Veterans & Military
  • Students & Teachers
  • Police & Fire
  • Care Givers
  • Volunteers

Sell & Shop

  • Sustainable, Recycled
  • Cultural Styles
  • Handmade Goods
  • Health Products
  • Books, Webinars
  • Organic, Vegan

Events & Happenings

  • Music & Arts
  • Sports & Fitness
  • Festivals
  • Classes, Seminars
  • Merchandise Sales
  • Openings